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Mercoledì 30 marzo, in chat sul sito dell'Espresso, Julian Assange (wikileaks), risponderà alle domande dei lettori italiani. E' possibile postare domande a questo indirizzo. ha già inserito la sua domanda, fatelo anche voi:

Dear Mr. Assange,

on June 27, 1980, in the Tyrrhenian Sea, close to Ustica Island, a Itavia Airline Company Dc9 aircraft (flight IH-870) boarding 81 italian passengers was involved in an air fight and shot down. The Italian courts, after a long preliminary inquiry, established that the engagement of US, French and Nato Air Force fighter planes in an international police operation to hit Moummar Khadafi, caused the Italian civilian aircraft shot down. On 2003, unless thanks to Foia (Freedom of Information Act) the italian press acceded to hundreds of unclassified cables, there are heavy suspects that US Authorities are aware about what really happened. Do you have documents in your archives regarding the Ustica air disaster?

thank you